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Thank You For Signing Up For 5StarsFast!

Your subscription to the member’s area of 5StarsFast! has been set up successfully. Here you can access the software, contact us directly, and see the status of your billing if you have signed up for a paid plan with us.

However, you have not yet set up the software you will use to get more reviews. Obviously, this is very important!!!

So luckily, getting started on setting up your new 5StarsFast account is super simple.

First, you must have a Google Business Profile to use our software because you need a Google Business Profile to leave reviews on Google. If you do not have one, please contact us.

In the field where it says “Enter COMPANY NAME”, enter your company name as it appears in your Google Business Profile. Our API should show your company name in the drop-down menu. If it doe not, please contact us.

Once you have selected your company, it will auto-fill your company info into the software. Then you will need to fill in your business category, your first and last name, your main email address (preferably the one used on your Google Business Page), and the password you want to use on your software account. Then hit the “Start Your 5StarsFast Software Account” button. 

Take a look at the software and then book a time with us to walk you through the software with you to get the most reviews out of your new account.