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Thanks so much for signing up for 5 Stars Fast software and services! Since you have likely already gone through a trial period with us, we are happy you see the value of what we can provide your business.

Because you are now a paying client, you will receive more in-depth access and instructions to some of the other services we can provide your business, such as using the built-in CRM, loyalty programs, and connecting these services to other applications to help automate your workflow.  We, of course, don’t want to dump all of this on you and your team all at once. You will be receiving new information and instructions roughly every 1 – 2 weeks so you can implement each one if you want before going on to the next one.

Or you can choose to just use our software for reviews. It is up to you. 😉

Anytime you have a question or concern about our software or services, please contact us at info@5starsfast.com. Our goal is to respond to all calls within one business day.

Thanks for trusting us and we look forward to making you another of our success stories.

Stormy S. Knight