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FREE 21 Day Trial + Done-For-You Services of 5 Stars Fast Software – For LOCALS ONLY cool

 If you would like to take our software out for a trial, jump in!

To take advantage of our Locals Only special pricing and services, your business needs to be located within 50 miles of Santa Rosa, CA. You can get more information about what is included in this program here or learn more about our software and services outside of this area on our main home page.

First, you must have a Google Business Profile to use our software. If you do not, please contact us.

Then click on this link. It will open in a new tab.

In the field where it says “Enter COMPANY NAME”, enter your company name as it appears in your Google Business Profile. Our API should show your company name in the drop-down menu. If it doe not, please contact us through our contact form or call or text us at 707-490-4542.

Once you have selected your company, it will auto-fill your company info into the software using Google’s Map Data (which is why you need to have a Google Business Profile first).

Then fill in the business category, your first and last name, your main email address, and the password you want to use on your account. Then hit the “Start Your 5StarsFast Software Account” button. 

You have created your FREE trial account and now have access to your account for 21 days. Yay!

What To Expect Next:
We will contact you within one business day, usually within an hour or two, and set a time that is convenient for you for us to setup your business for success at your location.

We obviously can’t offer in-person setup to just anyone, just to LOCALS ONLY. 

21 days is not a lot of time to get the word out, so we want you to get off to a successful start quickly. So we make it easy and pretty much hands-off for you from the very beginning.

We think you are going to like the results of our software and setup so much that you will want to subscribe at the discounted rate.

If You Have More Questions:
We are here to help you and make sure you will be successful with our product. You can always contact us by email through our contact form or book an appointment to discuss your business’s particular needs.

Looking forward to seeing your business thrive through more great reviews,

Stormy S. Knight
Owner, 5StarsFast & Net101