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Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Multiplied

Why Are You Buying Marketing Services That Don’t Get You More Clients? Why Not Buy Traffic & Client Conversions Instead?

Hi, my name is Stormy Knight. I have owned and operated Net101, a digital marketing agency, for over 27 years. During most of that time, I worked in Search Engine Optimization or “SEO”. Most people assume that SEO is going to solve all of their traffic and conversion problems, but in most cases that isn’t true. There are just too many things out of your control in SEO to put everything in that one basket. What is truly IN your control is generating lots of great reviews that positively improve your position in local search results (= traffic) and convert more searchers into patients (= conversion).

The best way to generate more great reviews is to set up a Review Generation Program in your business. And to make that happen, I created a mix of software and services that allows you to build a quality reputation profile quickly, while at the same time drawing in new customers like a bee to honey. After several years of work I have created an easy-to-understand program I call the “Three M Review Generation Program”.

The “Three M Review Generation Program”

This is what we offer here at 5 Stars Fast. Let’s take a look at how it works.

1. More Reviews

As people experience your business, you want every interaction to be great. For a lot of reasons. But don’t forget the reason of enhancing your online reputation. It is the first thing that people see about your business when they go looking for a solution to their needs and problems online. 

You may think that the best kind of new business reputation is receiving referrals by word-of-mouth. 

But reviews are referrals scaled up. What do I mean by that?

Remember when I talked about the power of referrals before? You can take one customer and by setting up a simple internal system, turn that one customer into 1, 2, or 3 customers. Pretty powerful stuff. But it has limitations.

• it tends to be 1 to 1
• It is private
• Includes a finite number of prospects
• Is not an asset to your business you can depend on to generate new business

Reviews bypass these problems completely.

• 1 great review can influence 1000s
• They’re public
• They can help generate an infinite number of new prospects indefinitely
• They are an ongoing business asset

AND, if that isn’t enough, reviews are a big part of local search engine ranking.

So building a great review profile is critical. What is nearly as critical is marketing those reviews once you get them. According to a report by BrightLocal, 88% of consumers read online reviews, and 85% of people trust them just as much as a personal recommendation. 

People go online to search for information about a business. What if they find great reviews AND videos AND social media graphics AND social media postings AND a pop-up on your website – ALL people saying how much they enjoyed your services? Most people would think, Wow, I will enjoy their services too. That is marketing your reviews to the widest possible audience.

So they book an appointment. They show up and become a patient and the circle of new business continues. 

So why does every digital marketing agency try to sell you paid advertising and SEO?

2. Manage

It’s been proven again and again that happy customers will leave more reviews if prompted to do so. Our “More Reviews” set of services will get that started for your business. But new reviews are missing a key ingredient that lets people know that you care.
Managing your online business reputation and reviews is the system that allows you to catch and convert every opportunity.
You see, your reviews tell a story about your business. You want that story to be one that makes the person trying to learn whether they want to do business with you feel good about making a decision to go to you. 
The happy people leaving happy reviews should be acknowledged and appreciated. The unhappy people should be fawned over and told that you will do everything possible to make it right, including adding who to call, phone numbers, and emails. This tells a story of a company with great customer service and a willingness to fix anything that goes wrong. 
That removes all risk of working with your company. And that generates A LOT more new patients. 5 Stars Fast provides this service for you and works with your team to preemptively intercept unhappy clients before they leave a review.
So why does every digital marketing agency try to sell you paid advertising and SEO without fixing the problems in your review profile?

3. Market

Every positive review for your business, whether it is on Google, Facebook, Yelp, or somewhere else, is a marketer for your business. But that marketing power is muted if the only place it stays is on another website.
What you want is to create engaging content out of those reviews. Videos based on your reviews can not only get your business found on the Number 2 search engine YouTube, but can get you preferred placement in Google Search results in your local market. Videos are also powerful marketing and conversion tools for you on your business website and in your social media feeds and email marketing.
Videos also work incredibly well for paid advertising on Facebook and YouTube
Graphics that celebrate your latest 5 Star Fast review give you dozens of ways to remind past clients, current clients and your prospective clients-to-be that you continue to provide excellent service that they can experience too.
So why does every digital marketing agency try to sell you paid advertising and SEO without discussing marketing your reviews effectively?


We provide the software and services to put in place the “Three M”s of building an online reputation profile – More reviews, Managing reviews and Marketing those reviews – that will dazzle your prospects. Without you having to waste a moment of time figuring it out or running it. This lets you sell more and create great client outcomes and experiences. And that gets you more great reviews. 😉

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