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Identify The Right Time For The ASK

Every industry has a peak moment where its customers are the most pleased with their purchase and the most knowledgeable about whether their purchase met their needs and expectations.
Restaurants and personal care services usually have the quickest turnaround to this moment. Larger ticket product purchases, like a mattress, often take weeks before the client really knows what they think about their purchase.
Whenever this moment is, is the right time to ask for their feedback and reviews.
Be sure to do your planning and setup based on this. Asking someone how their dinner was a month later is just about as useless as asking someone how they like their new mattress when it hasn’t been delivered yet.
Most people want to use 5 Stars Fast and other review software to do outreach to their customer list. And, in specific industries, such as financial services and insurance where there is a long relationship in place, that can be a great way to get new reviews rolling in. But this will not work in many industries.
So imagine your client. When is their “peak satisfaction moment” with your services?
Once you have that firmly in your mind, this will help you focus on using our software to get the best results.

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