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How Much Will You Save?

5StarsFast is not only a great way to generate more reviews, but it also costs a lot less! Let’s look at what our main three competitors offer compared to 5StarsFast and what they charge. Small businesses like yours don’t have money to burn. We think you will agree, it’s nice to save $1000.00 or more per year on building up a great review profile that sells for you 24/7.

Texting/mass TextingX X 
Video Chat X  
Receptionist X  
Webchat  X 
Payments  X 
Review MonitoringXXX 
Review MarketingX  X
Review Response From One PageXX  
Review ManagementXX  
Review GenerationX  X
Online ListingsXX  
Business Profiles   X
Manage GMBXX  
Social   X
App IntegrationsX XX
Website WidgetsX  X
Monthly Costs$197$299-$399$289-$449$600

As you can see, we offer a robust review platform for a smaller price tag. Plus, we set your account up and tie in your branding, generate custom promotional pieces, connect your invoicing to our review platform, send out your first 100 past customer review requests, supply monthly reports and so much more. Call us today at 707-490-4542 or sign up for a free trial here.